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Tasty Tuesday: Who Doesn’t Love French’s Onions? November 16, 2010

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I swear, I could eat a whole can of French’s Onions.  And not the small can either.

Probably not a great idea, but they are just so good.  I use them on salads instead of croutons and they’re great.  They’re even better for me because raw onions give me fierce heartburn but I can have the fried variety, go figure.  And yes, that also means I’m a sucker for the Bloomin’ Onion (mmm, nom nom, bloomin onion, nom nom).

I also love green bean casserole.  For as long as I can remember, that has always been my contribution to Thanksgiving.  Even as a kid, my mom and I would make it together.  Next week, I am spending my first Thanksgiving without my family and am a little sad about it.  However, I will still be making the green bean casserole.

I did learn, recently, that French’s Onions are good for recipes other than Green Bean Casserole.  The hunny’s mom made us the other recipe that is on the back of the French’s Onions can.  It’s sort of like an oven fried chicken.  I made a couple of tweaks though (because that’s what I like to do with recipes).  I’ve made it a couple of times, and it’s awesome each time.  But then again, I said I could eat an entire can of these things, if they are involved, I’ll most likely eat it.  I might even eat mushrooms (eeeep) if they were coated in these things. Anyways, here’s the recipe for the oven fried goodness.

  • 4 chicken breasts
  • 2 cups French’s Onions
  • 2 TBSP flour
  • 1 Egg

Yup, that’s it.  Well, for the original recipe.  Here’s what I like to add.

  • 1/2 tsp ground pepper
  • 2-3 cloves minced garlic

Preheat the oven to 400 F.  Mush up (not the words on the can, but it sounds fun) the pepper, garlic, flour, and onions.  Coat the chicken in the egg and then dip in the onion mixture, pressing the onion bits so that they stick.  Place in ungreased pan and bake for 20 minutes.  Ok, I’ll be honest, I bake it for 30 minutes because I have an unnatural fear of undercooked chicken.  Because that’s gross.

But that’s it, super easy, super quick, and super delicious.  This would probably make even the pickiest eater happy.  Add some mashed potatoes, peas, and you’ve got an awesome meal.  Hmm, guess what I’ll be having for dinner tonight 🙂



Tasty Tuesday, Round 1! September 14, 2010

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So, I find that a lot of other people have something they do weekly so I’ve decided to do that as well.  And I know that thousands of people post recipes, but cooking and baking is one thing that I am good at.  So I’ve decided to start up Tasty Tuesday.  But it won’t just be recipes.  I thought that I’d highlight some other foods that I like that may be store-bought, or hard to find, or just kinda odd.  So some of my favorite foods will featured as well as some of my experiments in the kitchen.

Last night I made a very classic steak dinner.  I love steak.  I am a midwestern girl and love Love LOVE steak.  I think I could eat it every day.  And I would if I could.  But I know it’s not the greatest for me so I don’t.  And it didn’t take me forever.  About half an hour from start to finish.  Anyway, here’s my dinner.

I love Trader Joe’s.  It’s one of my favorite places.  The majority of the food in this meal is from there.  I especially love their filet mignon.  And not just because it’s delicious, but they give you a huge piece.  What I do is take a rolling-pin to it because usually, it’s very thick and the outside will be crisp while the inside is practically cold.  I usually pound on it until it’s about 3/4″ thick (plus, it’s really stress relieving).

I can usually get three decent sized steaks out of it.  Then I just salt and pepper it and pop it in the broiler.  I usually use our lower broiler setting and cook the steaks for 8-9 minutes, flip, and cook for another 8-9 minutes.  I love how steak tastes, so just a little salt and pepper are fantastic.  I prefer sea salt, but that’s just what I like.

This would have been my drink with dinner, however, I have a doctor’s appointment this morning and didn’t want to have any alcohol last night.  You never know what the doctor will want from you.  Usually I’m not a beer person, but in the fall, I absolutely love hard cider.  I got this one at Trader Joe’s also.

And here’s the potatoes for my mashed potatoes.  I usually cut them up, place them in cool water, then turn the heat to high.  I keep it on high, uncovered, until the water boils.  I then turn the heat to medium, and put a lid on it.  Not totally covering it, but at an angle so the steam can escape.  Then, I let the potatoes cook between 15-20 minutes or until they are fork tender.

Once the potatoes are done and drained, I add a couple of tablespoons of butter and a little milk to make it creamy.  Then, I add a little salt at a time until they are to the point that I like and just a dash of white pepper.  I know some people who dislike white pepper, but this is how my mom made potatoes, and I continue to use it.  But it really should be used sparingly because it is some potent stuff.  Too much and you’ll definitely know it.

Add some green beans (from Trader Joe’s also) and here’s our delicious dinner.

And what’s dinner without a little dessert.  I have some fresh strawberries and couldn’t help but indulge in them.  Plus, they’re beautiful and bright red (one of my favorite colors)!

Bon Appetite!


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