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Dog Military Names November 4, 2010

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Ok out there in MilSpouse (or any other) world…I have a question for you.  Let’s say you were considering adopting a dog and wanted it to have a military/patriotic/American name.  What would you name it?

No real reason, but I was on today (it’s a true weakness, I just love looking at the puppies and kittens) and saw dogs with the names like Chicken Little, Ruby Tuesday, Wood’s Edge, Piney Branch, Ribeye, John Henry and so on.  Ruby Tuesday?  Really?  They  have good sliders and all but…

So it made me think what I would name dogs if I ran a shelter.  I’d probably try to do something patriotic, but was having a hard time thinking of names besides the names of posts around the country.  Tindell, Eustis, Hale (for the Hale Koa), Benning, Ambush (for a particularly friendly animal), Bunker, Sally, and so on.  If you were to adopt an animal, and you wanted to give it a military/patriotic/etc name, what would you name it?


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