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In the Middle of the Night… November 22, 2010

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So my butt is seriously dragging this morning.  The hunny was out-of-town doing hunny things and came home last night.  Really, really late.  Like, rolled in at 4:30 am late.  Both Little D and Little Girl didn’t know what was going on so they’re barking and growling at him when they should know him fairly well by now.  So much for being refreshed after the weekend.  And I wish my system got along with caffeine, man I could use it this morning.  In the least, I should’ve stuck a hot chocolate in the Keurig (btw, best invention ever).

And of all weeks, I wish I could recuperate a little this week.  We’ve been going a million miles a minute for what feels like weeks now, and I always love Thanksgiving.  Four glorious days off plus way more food than I can eat and lots of shopping.  Right? Wrong.  Not this year.  I have to work Friday.  What’s up with that?  Yeah, I could’ve taken the day off, but I’m saving my vacation for the week before the wedding so that I can get a lot done.  And trust me, I’m sad that I don’t get to go shopping.  I actually love people watching.  A couple of years ago I watched two ladies get in a fight at Target over a toy.  I have no idea what it was, but the fight was hilarious.  I’m not a 4 am shopper, but I like a good deal.

In other news, I think I’m switching to Blogger.  I can have a custom design and do as much over there as I can on WordPress.  Here’s the link:

I’m going to try to transition my old blog posts over there, so you may have to bear with me.  Hope your Monday is off to a more caffeinated one than mine.


I Laughed so Hard I Cried November 18, 2010

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Seriously.  This is for you dog lovers out there.  Occasionally I read Hyperbole and a Half.  I don’t even know how to describe her blog, except that it makes me chuckle every time I read it.

Her latest entry is about her two dogs and a move that they made.  It involved high-pitched noises that her dog makes, snow, dog’s being sick, booties, and squeaky toys. It doesn’t sound that funny, but trust me, it is.  I laughed and laughed.  Especially if you have dogs, you should absolutely read this.  Even if you don’t have dogs, it’s funny.  All I could do was picture my animals doing this.

Speaking of animals…I came out of my bathroom the last two mornings after getting ready to find Little Girl & Little D snuggling on his bed.  I’m amazed that they like each other this much so early.  And I need to bring my camera upstairs to take a picture, it’s so darn cute.


Tasty Tuesday: Who Doesn’t Love French’s Onions? November 16, 2010

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I swear, I could eat a whole can of French’s Onions.  And not the small can either.

Probably not a great idea, but they are just so good.  I use them on salads instead of croutons and they’re great.  They’re even better for me because raw onions give me fierce heartburn but I can have the fried variety, go figure.  And yes, that also means I’m a sucker for the Bloomin’ Onion (mmm, nom nom, bloomin onion, nom nom).

I also love green bean casserole.  For as long as I can remember, that has always been my contribution to Thanksgiving.  Even as a kid, my mom and I would make it together.  Next week, I am spending my first Thanksgiving without my family and am a little sad about it.  However, I will still be making the green bean casserole.

I did learn, recently, that French’s Onions are good for recipes other than Green Bean Casserole.  The hunny’s mom made us the other recipe that is on the back of the French’s Onions can.  It’s sort of like an oven fried chicken.  I made a couple of tweaks though (because that’s what I like to do with recipes).  I’ve made it a couple of times, and it’s awesome each time.  But then again, I said I could eat an entire can of these things, if they are involved, I’ll most likely eat it.  I might even eat mushrooms (eeeep) if they were coated in these things. Anyways, here’s the recipe for the oven fried goodness.

  • 4 chicken breasts
  • 2 cups French’s Onions
  • 2 TBSP flour
  • 1 Egg

Yup, that’s it.  Well, for the original recipe.  Here’s what I like to add.

  • 1/2 tsp ground pepper
  • 2-3 cloves minced garlic

Preheat the oven to 400 F.  Mush up (not the words on the can, but it sounds fun) the pepper, garlic, flour, and onions.  Coat the chicken in the egg and then dip in the onion mixture, pressing the onion bits so that they stick.  Place in ungreased pan and bake for 20 minutes.  Ok, I’ll be honest, I bake it for 30 minutes because I have an unnatural fear of undercooked chicken.  Because that’s gross.

But that’s it, super easy, super quick, and super delicious.  This would probably make even the pickiest eater happy.  Add some mashed potatoes, peas, and you’ve got an awesome meal.  Hmm, guess what I’ll be having for dinner tonight 🙂



Weekend Recap (just what you want to read on Monday) November 15, 2010

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Ok, so I would rather be snoozing on the couch with my puppies right now.  But alas, got to work on earning the Benjamins.

Yesterday was sort of exciting.  So, I work in social media.  I’m still relatively new at it, but so is the given career options.  And yes, I get to play on Facebook, Twitter, and blog for my career.  Not where I started out (considering it was in statistics and market research) but you work with what you have.  Anyways, I had my first consultation yesterday, with my very own client.  It was kinda cool.  Instead of having these massive restrictions on how I do things, I got to tell other people what I think would be best for them.  Consultation in my future? Maybe.  I’m still working on that sleep lingerie thing though.

The puppies are still doing well.  I still have to work on learning Little Girl’s schedule.  I took the kids to doggie daycare (don’t judge) this morning and although she is housetrained, she had an accident in her run.  I tried taking her out, stubborn girl.  Eh, like mother like furkid, right?

I also went baby clothes shopping with a friend.  It almost makes me want one.  Almost.  Almost.  Maybe in a few years.  I’ll stick to the furry kids that crap outside for the time being.

But now, I really wish I were in my pjs, under a blanket with the furkids (I know I already said this).  But the weekends are just not long enough!


She’s Here! November 14, 2010

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Little Girl (I think that’s what I’ll refer to the new pup as on my blog) made it back here safely yesterday.  She did great in the car and actually slept most of the way.  When she wasn’t sleeping and I was petting her, she was pushing her head into my hand.  She’s unbelievably sweet!

She’s doing great with Little D, they have new friends, but friends with boundaries.  Both of them have grumbled a little when the other has done something they don’t like, so I’m glad to see that she stands up for herself.  Little D is pretty dominant and she’s not taking it.  She might not be top dog, but she’s not a walkover either.

They played in the yard and just hung around the house last night.  She’s already learning her new name and some of the rules (like you must sit before you go outside or come back in).  She hasn’t chased Little C (the cat) and seems to be ignoring him for the most part.    He doesn’t seem to mind her either.  The best part, they let me sleep in until 7:15!  That doesn’t sound like much, but when we fostered a dog earlier this year, she had us up before 6 am, everyday!  No matter what time we went to bed, we felt like we had a baby in the house.

As I write this, both pups are lying at my feet nicely.  I’ll post more pictures later, but wanted to let you know that she is settling nicely into her new home and we’re thrilled to have her here!

Here they are playing.  Little D is on the left and Little Girl is on the right.  This was after they just hopped out of the pool.


EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! November 12, 2010

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Ok, the title was obnoxious, I know.  But I am so excited, that’s just how I feel. In about 10 hours, I will be leaving to pick up the Little Girl.  Everyone at the shelter is really excited that she is being adopted.  They told me when I visited last week that she doesn’t belong there.  I thought they meant it was because she was depressed or weird, or something.  But they said it’s because she’s so sweet they just don’t understand how someone could give up such a sweet dog.  I got an e-mail from them today and they are happy I’m coming for her.

I can’t wait until Little D and her play.  He loves to play and I’m hoping she will too.  I’ll definitely post some pictures of them.  I keep telling myself that Little D is excited about getting a little sister, especially since I ask him if he’s excited and his tail goes nuts.  Since tonight is his last night as an only dog-child, we’re letting him sleep on the big bed.  Although, it may be a little hard to go to bed, he’s lying next to me on the couch with his head in my lap.  I love my snuggle bug, he makes life so much better.  Hopefully tomorrow night I’ll have two fuzzy heads in my lap.  The hunny will have to look elsewhere to lay his head 🙂


Why Tuesdays are the Worst November 9, 2010

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In my opinion, Tuesday is the worst day of the week.  I told this to my friend over at Close Encounters of the Me Kind and she requested that I share with her my theory about why Tuesdays are awful.  To me, Mondays, I’m a little slow-brained, but they by far are not my worst day of the week.  Here’s why.

Monday: So Monday, to most people, is the worst day of the week.  But not to me.  For starters, I usually have so much work to catch up on, the work day flies by, which I love.  Plus, getting back into a routine is good for me and it always makes my stomach go back to normal if I’ve had an unscheduled food weekend (what I it when I don’t eat at my normal times.)  Also, I’m usually so fuzzy-brained first thing in the morning, it takes awhile for my neurons to start firing and the busy work from over the weekend slowly gets me going.  Also, How I Met Your Mother is on.

Wednesday: We’re halfway through the week, not to mention the awesome nickname that Wednesday has.  Plus, when the day is over, there’s only two days left in the work week.  Did I  mention the cool nickname?

Thursday: Thirsty Thursday.  ‘Nuff said.  No, just kidding. Thursdays are great because there is only one day left in the work week after you’re done on Thursday.  There’s good TV on, and usually, by this time of the week, I’m caught up enough that I make a pretty stellar dinner.  Last week, chicken breasts in a white wine & mushroom sauce with mashed potatoes and broccoli.

Friday:  I don’t really think I need to explain why Friday is a good day.  Uh, hello, the weekend starts on Friday.  Date night.  Staying up late without having to get up early the next morning.  Massive puppy cuddling time.  All reasons to love Friday.

Saturday & Sunday: Really, really?  I don’t even need to explain this.  Cupcake baking time, sleeping late, hanging out with friends, shopping, catching up, time at home.  Yeah, add your own, but really, I think this one is pretty self-explanatory.

Now on to why I hate Tuesday.  Tuesday, to me, is the worst day of the week.  You have the majority of the week left, you’re caught up on work so the day goes by slowly, if something is going to blow up, it’s going to be on Tuesday because everyone was catching up on Monday from the weekend, need I go on?  Really, Tuesday just doesn’t have anything going for it other than it’s not Monday.  But like I said, Monday’s aren’t my worst day.  And it’s not like if I’m brain-dead that day, I can say, “Oh, my bad, it’s Tuesday.”  People would look at me strange since I should be back into the routine by now.

And that, my friends, is why Tuesday is the worst day of the week.

I started Tasty Tuesday since Tuesdays are a rough day and it gives me something to look forward to.  And yes, there will be a Tasty Tuesday posted later tonight.


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