It's a Dog Tag Wife Life

The musings of a non-conventional, soon-to-be Army Wife

About August 30, 2010

This is my Dog Tag Wife Life.  I work in social media.  I have my Master’s degree.  I have an independent streak a mile wide.  I’m about to become an Army Wife yet, I don’t seem to consider myself a military spouse even though everyone and their brother reminds me that’s what I am.  This is definitely not the course I thought my life would take, but you live with what you are given.

I love to bake, read, drink red wine, art, movies, music, my puppy, sewing, partaking in interesting conversations, and surrounding myself with good people.  I have a life.  The hunny (which is how I will refer to my wonderful guy, considering that’s what I call him a lot of the time anyway), while he is a major part of my life, is not what my life revolves around, therefore, his career is not what my life revolves around.  My life doesn’t revolve around any one thing.  The Army is also a big part of my life, but I don’t define myself by being a military wife.  Although this blog is entitled It’s A Dog Tag Wife Life, it truly isn’t just about how my life and the military line up.  I have thoughts, dreams, ideas that aren’t related only to wife/military life.

I may be controversial at times, but I ask that you do not leave hateful, rude, or spam comments, I will delete them.  You’ve been given fair warning.  If you have a legitimate comment, I will happily welcome them.  I try to stay away from drama and negativity, therefore, it will be reflected here.

With that, I hope you enjoy reading, I have fun writing for you all.


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