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It’s Official, We’re Moving November 23, 2010

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Well, not me and the hunny, we’re here for a little while longer.  However, I am officially going to move my blog over to Blogger today.

I feel like it’s a slight hassle, but I’m hoping that it ends up being a good decision.

So, this will probably be one of my last posts on this blog.

If you want to continue reading about my random ramblings, please visit my new blogger blog over at:

I hope that you’ll join me over there and I’m looking forward to chatting you all more and my new blog design that will be revealed in the future!


2 Responses to “It’s Official, We’re Moving”

  1. Deena Allen Fruchtman Says:

    I really like reading your blog and love the recipes. Hope the wedding plans are pretty much all complete now.


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