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Weekend Recap (just what you want to read on Monday) November 15, 2010

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Ok, so I would rather be snoozing on the couch with my puppies right now.  But alas, got to work on earning the Benjamins.

Yesterday was sort of exciting.  So, I work in social media.  I’m still relatively new at it, but so is the given career options.  And yes, I get to play on Facebook, Twitter, and blog for my career.  Not where I started out (considering it was in statistics and market research) but you work with what you have.  Anyways, I had my first consultation yesterday, with my very own client.  It was kinda cool.  Instead of having these massive restrictions on how I do things, I got to tell other people what I think would be best for them.  Consultation in my future? Maybe.  I’m still working on that sleep lingerie thing though.

The puppies are still doing well.  I still have to work on learning Little Girl’s schedule.  I took the kids to doggie daycare (don’t judge) this morning and although she is housetrained, she had an accident in her run.  I tried taking her out, stubborn girl.  Eh, like mother like furkid, right?

I also went baby clothes shopping with a friend.  It almost makes me want one.  Almost.  Almost.  Maybe in a few years.  I’ll stick to the furry kids that crap outside for the time being.

But now, I really wish I were in my pjs, under a blanket with the furkids (I know I already said this).  But the weekends are just not long enough!


4 Responses to “Weekend Recap (just what you want to read on Monday)”

  1. Kendra Says:

    Doggy daycare is awesome! It’s better than them sitting at home alone or tearing things up. No judgement here. =)

    • We crate them at home (they like the crates, well, Little D does) so I’m not worried about them tearing stuff up, but I do know that they get exercise and are social with other dogs. Plus, we only take them one day a week. But it’s great, they come home completely wiped out which gives me the evening to do whatever I want!

  2. I get baby fever too, ALL THE TIME. I guess it doesn’t help that I live with a newborn LOL! I also live with a 3 year old so the wanting of the kid tends to balance itself out.

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