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She’s Here! November 14, 2010

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Little Girl (I think that’s what I’ll refer to the new pup as on my blog) made it back here safely yesterday.  She did great in the car and actually slept most of the way.  When she wasn’t sleeping and I was petting her, she was pushing her head into my hand.  She’s unbelievably sweet!

She’s doing great with Little D, they have new friends, but friends with boundaries.  Both of them have grumbled a little when the other has done something they don’t like, so I’m glad to see that she stands up for herself.  Little D is pretty dominant and she’s not taking it.  She might not be top dog, but she’s not a walkover either.

They played in the yard and just hung around the house last night.  She’s already learning her new name and some of the rules (like you must sit before you go outside or come back in).  She hasn’t chased Little C (the cat) and seems to be ignoring him for the most part.    He doesn’t seem to mind her either.  The best part, they let me sleep in until 7:15!  That doesn’t sound like much, but when we fostered a dog earlier this year, she had us up before 6 am, everyday!  No matter what time we went to bed, we felt like we had a baby in the house.

As I write this, both pups are lying at my feet nicely.  I’ll post more pictures later, but wanted to let you know that she is settling nicely into her new home and we’re thrilled to have her here!

Here they are playing.  Little D is on the left and Little Girl is on the right.  This was after they just hopped out of the pool.


One Response to “She’s Here!”

  1. blondeviki Says:

    So lovely!
    They look very cute together 🙂

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