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What the Heck, It’s a Tuxedo!?! November 10, 2010

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Ok, mini rant.  So I called a well-known mens store today to talk to them about tuxedo rental for the upcoming wedding.  The hunny  had picked out the tuxes he wants online and I was going to call and say how many in what style.  We even have the vests, shoes, and cufflinks picked out.  Isn’t that why they have a website, to coordinate this stuff to make it easier?

Apparently, we have to make an appointment and go into the store to actually select them.  Why?  If it’s on your website and doesn’t say limited availability, what’s the problem?  Besides, the hunny is going to be wearing his blues, it’s not like he needs to get measured or anything.

Ok, I get that they want you to come in to look at everything, but really, he already picked out probably one of the most expensive tuxes, with one of higher end vests.  I totally don’t see the point.  Especially when the one I need to go talk to is an hour away.  Yup folks, I get to drive an hour to give them my list, tell them what the hunny wants (since I’m supposed to meet a friend for dinner next week around there anyway).  Sorta dumb if you ask me.

Ok, done with rant, I just hate when a company has a website to make it easy for you, but you can’t call or do an online order, you have to go to the store.  Grrrrr…


4 Responses to “What the Heck, It’s a Tuxedo!?!”

  1. I feel the same way. I tried looking up bridal gowns and found the perfect one – not sold in stores and sold out online. I feel like the world doesn’t want me to get married haha!

  2. BiBi Says:

    If you’re talking about “the” main men’s rental store in the US, I had an annoying experience with them as well- they somehow got my info from somewhere (I’m guessing David’s Bridal, with whom they seem to be partnered) and they were both pushy and strange, so I completely understand your frustration.

    It’s like all these places KNOW we have to do this stuff, and since they have us over a barrel they might as well give us a quick swat on the butt while we’re there! 🙂

    • Uh, yeah. We are going with them because they have the suit that the hunny likes, but you’d think that they’d be a little more willing to help, especially since it doesn’t waste their resources.

      Eh, it’s not like I’m getting married more than once, if I was, I’d say skip the tux, let’s go with polos.

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