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MilSpouse Friday Fill-In #20 November 5, 2010

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You should visit Wife of a Sailor to join in if you’re interested, she does it every week!

1. A different twist on last week’s question. This week, the first question is: what’s the nicest thing a MILSPOUSE has ever done for you? (brought to you from navy_smurfette)
Well, I’m still pretty new but a few months ago, at a change of command ceremony, one of the MilSpouses came over and knew that I was still new to everything.  She sat and talked to me, saying if I ever needed anything, that I could always come to her.  Then she gave me a pin for the battalion that we were a part of.  She was a Colonel’s wife, and it was just so sweet of her to come over and spend some time with me.

2. How often do you drive faster than the speed limit?
I grew up in the Midwest, and it was always 70 mph and where we are now, it’s 65, so I almost always drive at least  5 mph over the speed limit.  Except in the 25 mph area, the cops stake those out.  Oh and never on post.

3. Did you have a nickname in school? If so, what was it?
I never really had one, most people called me by my real name, they just shortened it.

4. If your life was a book, what would the title be and how would it end?
Probably something like “How Did I Get Here?” because my life is sooooo much different than I envisioned it.  But it would end, “and then they started the rest of the journey, together.”

5. Look back (in your planner if you have one) to September 14th… what did you do that day?
I actually had a Dr appt that day.  I’ve been working on my stomach issues and we determined that stress was a major factor.  Also, later that day, the hunny and I went to pick out wedding bands.  Although, I was a bit irked because of course, there was an emergency at his work so we ended up shopping two hours later than I expected.  Which stunk because I had to drive half an hour to get there and had left work a few minutes early.  But we picked out our rings and they are awesome!


2 Responses to “MilSpouse Friday Fill-In #20”

  1. Glad you still got to go shopping for your rings even though the military got in the way.

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