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Tasty Tuesday, My New Favorite Cooking Tool November 2, 2010

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I am so sorry that I haven’t written today.  I actually took a half day from work and was busy with wedding stuff all afternoon just to get a little more caught up.

Usually I give recipes or other food related favorites on Tuesdays.  Since I do that, I thought why not do something related to COOKING that food.  I have a lot of tools in my kitchen artillery that I really love.  My favorite is probably my stand mixer.  After that, I have a mix and mash from Pampered Chef that I use ALL the time.  One of my newest favorites is my Lodge Dutch Oven.  It’s not exactly new, but me using it is.

Late last year (as in between Christmas & New Year’s Day) I bought my dutch oven.  For our anniversary, I wanted to make the hunny a really nice dinner.  I decided to make some of his favorites, steak, mac n’ cheese, and French Onion Soup, which I needed the dutch oven for.  It made amazing soup, but it has sat in the back of a cupboard for several months now.

That is, until my parents came to visit a few weeks ago.  My parents make the most amazing chicken stock (I’ll share the recipe some day).  My mom decided to try out the stock in the dutch oven and it was a success.  Plus, it was so easy to clean it up afterwards.  Next, she made chicken and biscuits.  I don’t know about you, but this is one of my new favorite meals and it’s what my mom makes my dad every year for his birthday, one of his all-time favorites.

Since it had been used, I decided to try to use it a little more.  So far, I’ve made soup and chili and it has been fantastic!  And it cleans so easily.  It cooks evenly, keeps the heat in, plus, it has a big capacity.  I love it!  If you don’t have one, I highly recommend it.  Plus, this one is only about $50 and is highly rated by Cooks Illustrated.

It’s definitely my new favorite big “pot”.  Being heavy and sturdy is just so nice because it feels like whatever is cooked in it, is going to be hearty and delicious.  And that, my friends, is why this is one of my new favorite cooking tools.


2 Responses to “Tasty Tuesday, My New Favorite Cooking Tool”

  1. blondeviki Says:

    I have a big Le Creuset pot a bit like that – and you’re right, it’s ace! Great for just throwing ingredients in and leaving them to simmer. I definitely need a few more receipes that let me use it though – it’s looking a bit neglected at the moment!

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