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MilSpouse Friday Fill-In #18 October 22, 2010

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Brought to you by Wife of a Sailor.

1. Are you a night owl or an early bird?
It depends.  I used to be a night owl, especially in college.  I’d stay up until 2 am my first couple of years.  Slowly I started to transition.  Now, I love to be up early.  There’s something about early morning that I love, the smell, the crispness, the start of a new day, the lighting, etc.  However, getting out of bed is extremely hard for me.  Especially when the puppy jumps on the bed and wants to cuddle.

2. What makes you jealous?
When people say that their husbands are just going to be gone for a couple of days for work, or that they’re planning a trip six months from now.  I know it’s how it is, but people where their job isn’t the number one decision maker and can actually plan a life rather than waiting to see what the Army has to say about it.  I know one day we’ll be able to do what we want, but now, it’s hard, especially going from the lifestyle I used to have.

3. Have you started Christmas/holiday shopping yet? When will you finish? (There’s only 63 days left!)
Yup.  Every time the hunny and I find something that we think someone would like, we buy it then because we don’t know if we’ll see it again.  We went to Monticello over the summer and bought a few things that our moms will like.  We also found a book for my dad.  I’ve always been like that, when I see it and think it’s a good idea, I get it.  I don’t have everything, but I try to know before December 24th!

4. What would you have a personal chef make you tonight?
Hmmm, probably my mom’s braciole.  If you don’t know what it is, I highly recommend looking it up.  It’s good and I can make it, it’s just really time-consuming.  My mom makes an amazing recipe.  Plus, a nice salad (especially with avocado), and my Grams’ kruschiki.  They are a Polish cookie that looks like a bow-tie, is fried, and topped with powdered sugar.  They are my favorite but I get them very rarely.

5. Where was your first kiss?
Well, first real kiss, or reeeaaal kiss?  I was a late bloomer.  My first kiss was when I was 18 on an overlook of Lake Michigan.  It was pretty but very awkward, it was too planned, but then again, we were 18.  My first reeeaaaaal kiss was in the hallway of my dorm, right outside my room.  It came as a surprise and I had no idea what to do.  To think about it now, it’s pretty funny.


3 Responses to “MilSpouse Friday Fill-In #18”

  1. Kathryn Says:

    I think you are totally correct about the situations where “we” have to be jealous of the “normal” lifestyles we see on t.v. or in our civilian friends life. It’s a good thing we are so proud of our men and our country to look at the positives regarding this milspouse lifestyle. dont you agree? I love your blog and the recipe! Thanks so much! I will pop on over soon!

    • Agreed, but compared to past relationships and my “prior” life, it sure is a switch. But it definitely isn’t for everyone, it takes a certain kind of woman to live the lives we lead. But it’s totally worth…most days 🙂

  2. Kendra Says:

    I agree! It is so difficult to get out of bed when my pup wants to cuddle. She snuggles up right next to me and it’s so hard to pull myself away from that!

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