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MilSpouse Friday Fill-In #15 October 1, 2010

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Yay for October and my 3rd MilSpouse Friday Fill-In

  1. What is the silliest get-up you have ever worn outside of a Halloween party? (from To The Nth) I’ve never really donned a costume outside of Halloween.  Although, in high school, I was a cheerleader.  If you think about it, little skirts and ribbons might be considered silly by some.
  2. What is something that you gave up in order to live the military lifestyle? (from Pennies from Heaven) Since we’re not married, I haven’t really had to give anything up yet.  Although, not long after being engaged, the hunny had to go away for several weeks and I was doing all the wedding planning myself.  I think quality time has definitely gone down.
  3. If money wasn’t a factor and you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be? And why? (from Life and Times of a Displaced Jersey Girl) For vacation, Italy, absolutely.  My dad is half Italian and I’ve always had this strong pull to that country to see the culture, the food, the wine, everything.  Also, and it sounds strange, but Poland.  My mom is Polish and I’m really fascinated by my heritage.  And the Vodka.
  4. If you were going to join the military, what branch would you join? Or which MOS/rating would you choose? (from And You Never Did Think)  Hmm, I don’t really know much about this.  Probably Air Force.  My cousin did Air Force and he had shorter deployments and some really neat station assignments. <EDIT> After reading Uncork and Unwined I have to agree, I am totally not cut out for military life.  The early wake up calls, being yelled at, training, none of it.  We joke that for as much as the hunny fits well in the military, I absolutely do not.
  5. What is your favorite thing to make for dinner? (from Armendinger Party of 4)  Oh, so many to choose from.  I love to make Risotto (as shown in this weeks Tasty Tuesday).  There’s another dish that’s amazing that is roasted red pepper, turkey sausage, and tortellini that is fantastic.  Our recent favorite has been a Philly Cheese Steak style sub (not the real thing, I just can’t use cheese whiz, yuck).  I love to cook so it’s hard to pick one thing.  Although, in the winter, I do love making soups and chili, yum for comfort food!

One Response to “MilSpouse Friday Fill-In #15”

  1. Kendra Says:

    Haha! I love #4. I’m sooo not cut out for that lifestyle. Early wake up calls? No thank you. Getting yelled at? Not a fan. The training? I’d rather not. =)

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