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Do They Help You Through? September 12, 2010

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For anyone who has never had a pet, I feel like you’re missing out.  I recently read about My Army Wife Life and their terrible experience with Cumberland County, NC.  This is such a terrible story, and I hope that they get a resolution that they deserve.  Pets, to many people are like children.  They definitely are to us.

My cat, who I will refer to as “Little C”, has been in my life for almost 18 year.  That means he’s almost legal!!!  I got him in elementary school and he has been through several moves, numerous boyfriends and breakups, a lay off, an engagement and countless other things.  He is one of the sweetest cats, more of a dog than a cat at sometimes.  He’s never aloof and always is willing to sit in your lap and purr.  If he’s not purring, I think there’s something wrong with him. I love him dearly and will be so unbelievable sad when I have to let him go play in the giant catnip field in the sky.  But until then, I try to spoil him as much as possible.

Then there’s Little D, the dog.  He is a riot.  We got him a couple of years ago as a true rescue.  This little guy had so many weird issues when we first got him.  He still has a few.  For example, he doesn’t really like men and he really doesn’t like kids.  And instead of hiding from scary things, he feels it’s his job to protect me and he nips at them.  We’ve learned to control a lot of them and keep him away from situations where he may get riled up.  He loves the hunny and I’m pretty sure his favorite moments are when the hunny lets Little D get up on the bed to snuggle.  He’ll just curl up next to you and lay his head on your arm, or stomach, or wherever it’s most convenient.  He’s a sweetheart and a half, once he gets to know you.  And smart as a whip, too.  After doing some training with him, he listens to our commands, but he’s not mindless.  His personality is what drew me to him and we say almost daily how lucky we were to find such a puppy.  He probably thinks the same (I know dogs don’t really have those thoughts, but I like to pretend that they do).

These two are here for me no matter what.  If the hunny is home or gone, if I’ve had a bad day at work, if there is terrible news, they always sit at my feet (or on my lap) and love me unconditionally.

Here’s Little C hiding in a laundry basket, just woken up from a nap.

And Little D can’t be left out.  He’s still not sure how he feels about camping, but we’re working on that!


4 Responses to “Do They Help You Through?”

  1. Brittany Says:

    thank you so much for linking to my story! I sincerely appreciate it! Love your fur babies! So cute 🙂

  2. Kendra Says:

    I agree! I’m such an animal lover and have a dog of my own. Reese is great at keeping me company when J is gone and just seems to know when something is wrong. I cant imagine not having her around!

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