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The Difference Between Right and Right September 10, 2010

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Normally I wouldn’t comment on something so controversial, but I feel that since this affects our soldiers, I really wanted to make note of it.  Yesterday afternoon the church in Florida that had planned to burn Qurans has decided not to.  Now they are again rethinking that decision.  The reason I want to discuss this is not necessarily to spout my personal belief or position on religion, but why I feel like it is wrong.

In this country, we have the amazing ability to say what we want.  We can bash our government to our little heart’s content and no one can do anything about it.  It is made clear in the many comments and postings that are out there.  And yes, the Quran burning is protected under the first amendment.  But just because it is a right, doesn’t mean that is right.   I do believe in free speech, but not when it is endangering lives.  I also don’t believe in burning or destroying something that is holy to anyone.  I wouldn’t go to Japan and light fire to the prayer wishes or throw a Buddha statue to the ground.  Religion is a very sacred thing and just because I don’t follow that religion, doesn’t mean that I don’t think it has value and is extremely important to the people who do follow it.  I love religion of all kinds and find beautiful things about most types.  But like I said, I really didn’t want this post to be about my views on religion.

One way that I had this put to me is there are many countries in this world who aren’t granted the right of free speech.  Therefore, they don’t understand what luxury we have.  They think because a government doesn’t stop something, that they support it.  So to someone who doesn’t understand the right of free speech, the Quran burning looks like something that all of Americans supports.  Ignore the protests against it on our own soil.  Ignore the stories of people writing petitions and our lawmakers saying what an abhorrent act it is.  To those trying to hurt our citizens, this is just fuel for the fire.

And that’s the part that bothered me.  When General Petraeus comes out and speaks against it, saying that it endangers our troops, that should be a wake up call.  Al Qaeda and our enemies around the world can use this to continue and recruit in their fight against us.  And that’s what scares me.  We are trying to work with people on foreign soil, endangering thousands of lives, to make a safer world for.  Yet, one man and his wacko followers can set us back by a selfish move.  This Jones man states that they aren’t murdering someone.  That Petraeus needs to tell the extremists to stop and to worry about them.  How he says that they burn flags and bibles everyday.  You know what, who stinking cares? Just because they do it doesn’t make it right.  Ever hear, “Be the bigger man”?

I worry about the hunny everyday.  Whether he’s at home or overseas, I worry about him.  It’s my job.  And when I hear that some moron here wants to flaunt his unparalleled freedom which could endanger my guy and countless others, I get riled up.  So yes, I support free speech.  I don’t support someone knowingly endangering the men and women who make it possible for him to have free speech.

::Steps off soapbox and breathes deeply::


2 Responses to “The Difference Between Right and Right”

  1. Keith Says:

    I’m still struggling to grasp why anyone cares so much about 12 Floridiot wingnuts.

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